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Pokemon Fight

Link to my Pokemon Fight website!

My Github

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Past Projects

Projects I build in the past

Person 1

CCIS Progress Portal

A Web-app designed for CCIS Department.Designed for PhD student administration use. Test username:mbarry password:testuser

Person 2

Pokemon Fight

An online Pokedex with self-designed Pokemon online battle simulator. Users can catch Pokemons and battle with PC.

Person 3

Online website generator

Online website generator.An application that can help people build-up their own websites.

Person 4

Shopping Webiste

An online shopping website like amazon! It can automatically compare the item price with Ebay. Admin user page is avaliable by typing '/admin'

More about Me

Personal experiences

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Personal Info

I'm a senior student in Computer Science major. I spent my first two and a half year in Architecture major then I transferred my major to Computer Science in FALL 2015. Because of that, I need to finish all computer science's courses in 2 years. It's very challenging. From this experience, I leanred how to manage my time efficiently and how to learn new things quicky.

My Architecture Portfolio

Here is my Architecture Portfolio!