Past Projects

Projects I build in the past

Shop Cheap

Link to my Shopping website!

Pokemon Fight

Link to my Pokemon Fight website!

My Github

Link to my personal Github

Current Projects

Projects I am working on now

Event Station

An iOS application I'm currently developing. Uses Python Django as backend server and Swift on iOS side.

Blog application

An web application I'm currently developing. Uses Java Springboot as backend server and Apache Freemarker for template.

More about Me

Personal experiences

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Personal Info

Hi, I'm currently a senior Full-Stack & iOS software engineer at Autodesk. At work, I worked on a Web application using Ruby on Rails and EmberJS, and on an iOS application with a mix of Objective-C and Swift. In addition, I'm also slightly involved in areas like AWS, JenKins and CI/CD pipelines. Outside of work, I enjoyed learning other trending areas like IoT, Computer Vision and Machine Learning using Python. Recently I'm actively building an application called Event Station. It's still in internal Testflight stage.

My Architecture Portfolio

Here is my Architecture Portfolio!